How to Apply China Student Visa | Forms | Fee | Consultants Detail Read Online

How to Apply China Student Visa | Forms | Fee | Consultants Detail Read Online

How to Apply China Student Visa | Forms | Fee | Consultants Detail Read Online

Location : China

Purpose: Syudy Visa

Available For: Students


How to Apply China Student Visa | Forms | Fee | Consultants Detail Read Online

Increased studying abroad as well as the most wanted Pakistani students to pursue higher studies from leading universities and so forth to life and resolve to complete this get a good job. I do not like to have a European country, then he / she is due to the time of application to apply for a visa to Pakistan and visa must meet all the requirements of being a student have to apply for visa abroad.

How to apply:

China study period of more than six months out there in the studying, the tasks they have to apply visa for the purpose of those two categories in China, the X1 visa, so other types X2 is for those who come to study but there is a period of less than 6 months.
You have to present them with photocopies with your application.
If you find any working class X student visa can be reprehensible and forbidden to drive.

One is about the visa as you have completed all requirements to select a confirmation letter from the student to the next stage of the relevant institutions and enrolled in a college or university he / she is to pass the number of steps Once you get to send them.
2016 Pakistan How to get a student visa to China (forms, fees, consultants)


Here I that is related to the attachment of the visa application and documents going to get all the information. Is going to give visa in a Chinese consulate, the following requirements must be filled in so much of the country.

  • First, you submit it to the Embassy or Consulate for visa application office.
  • An application for a Ken holds consular jurisdiction in the country whose embassy visa office is not able to leave alone.
  • Need any appointment.
  • Is not acceptable as the applicants who send their requests via email and can be returned.

Documents required:

  • Two blank pages of the original passport, visa and first 2 pages of photocopies and recent Chinese visa as well as having more than six months validity is a concern.
  • Chinese visa based solely on information from (V2O11A) in English should be attached to the application 3omm * Recent color pictures of 40mm.
  • Police role requires a clearance certificate.
  • University should be attached to the interior line.
  • By Original and photocopy of the student visa application is connected to.
  • Physical fitness report, which should be examined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • The degree / diploma is required original or copies of mark sheets.

Visa fee and processing time:

Visa processing takes a long time for the processing and the categories. Usually the period of processing time is 4 working days.

If you want a quick visa will cost an extra $ 20 to get within one to two days.

Note: Pakistanis are not allowed to pay any Chinese visa fee


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